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Global Cannabis March Vienna

Est. 2008

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Est. 2008

Hanf Wandertag 2021

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Hanf Wandertag | Est. 2008


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Milestones 2008

  • David Rosse started organizing the first Hanf Wandertag in the age of 18.
  • Approx. 250 People joined the Parade
  • 1 parade float from founding partner Indras Planet joined the parade.


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Milestones 2009

  • In 2009 David Rosse and Andreas Holy from Legalize! Austria invented a new german Name for the Global Cannabis March Event in Vienna. Finally, the famous „Hanf Wandertag“ was born.
  • Approx. 750 People joined the Parade
  • 3 parade floats from founding partner Indras Planet and some Psychedelic-Trance Trucks joined the parade.
  • David Rosse lightened up a 1meter long joint in front of the parliament.
  • The first big „Hanf Wandertag Afterparty“ was organized in the Vienna Arena featuring an amazing Line-Up on 4 Floors including live Acts such as: Tikal (FR), Ganjaman (GER), Dopewalka (GER), Congo Natty (UK) and many more.
  • Due to his intensive political activism David Rosse had to spend Christmas and New-Year 2009/2010 behind bars in the Viennese „Landl“. Police and authorities have tried to threaten David and he even had to promise the court not to go on with his political engagement for hemp to get released from jail.


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Milestones 2010

  • On January the 10th 2010 just a few Days after David`s release from Prison he immediately started organizing the next Cannabis March by reaching out to famous cannabis musician Macka B. from UK.
  • Macka B. immediately accepted David`s invitation to join the march and gave a massive unique live concert right in front of the UNO-City in Vienna.
    Macka B. was pretty impressed by the 20 year young organizer of the march and he is still in good contact with David since that time.
  • As answer to the political pressure David organized two Cannabis Rallies in 2010 instead of one.
  • The second march took place right one week before the Viennese Elections on October 1st 2010 and was a great success.


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Milestones 2011

  •  The Hanf Wandertag grew well in May 2011. More and more Shops and people joined the traditional walk through Vienna.
  • The first political „HWT-Symposium“ was organized at famous Cafe Landtmann beside the Hanf Wandertag.
  • In 2011 the dedicated Team again organized a second rally in fall – approximately 800 people joined the „second“ Hanf Wandertag in fall 2011. After this march the crew decided to better focus on one big event again in 2012.


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Milestones 2012

  • In 2012 Bianca Zacha painted the first handpainted Hanf Wandertag Poster which was an awesome success on Social Media. 
  • The Hanf Wandertag 2012 broke our records of attendees with over 3000 marchers joining the parade.  Lot`s of music artists joined the beginning of the parade and the march ended with a live concert of Perfect Giddimani (Jam), Benjie (Ger), Ganjaman (Ger), Manu Ranking (Ger), Danny Ranks (At) and House of Riddim (At) in front of the Votiv Kirche.
  • In 2012 after the successful parade David Rosse was asked to consider founding the Austrian Hemp Association together with Austrian Hemp Entrepreneurs to professionalize his political advocacy. David founded the Austrian Hemp Association (ÖHV) in November 2012.


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Milestones 2013

  • After founding the Austrian Hemp Association in  2012 the Hanf Wandertag 2013 was supposed to set a new standard for cannabis demonstrations. 
  • At Spannabis 2013 we have been able to get more Sponsors with our ambitious Sponsoring Concept that we presented their for the first time to the companies.
  • Together with our ambitious new supporters and sponsors like Sensi Seeds we hired an
    „Original 20m long (!) Love Parade Truck“ and managed to get him to Vienna all the way from Berlin for our important event.
  • The first cannabis Billboard in Austria promoted the Hanfwandertag prominently beside one of the most frequented highways of Vienna.
  • Again numerous famous musicians joined the parade and afterwards special Guest MACKA B. sold out the official HWT-Afterparty at FLUC together with RAGGABUND from Germany.
  • The atmosphere with the 20m Long Parade Float was gorgeous and the logistics of this event have been a hell of a project.
  • Sometimes we can`t believe ourselves, that we made this happen with our strong partners.


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Milestones 2014

  • In 2014, the Austrian Hemp Association managed to get 400kg of industrial hemp seeds to spread all over Vienna during the parade.
  • The seedlings and our PR bloomed as hundreds of hemp plants started to spread all over Vienna.
  • Even half a year after the Parade – the organizer David Rosse got featured in an TV Interview as the police reported and started following up the „anonymous crime“ of spreading hemp seeds. 


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After 6 years of constant requests: Hans Söllner finally joined us!

Milestones 2015

  • Coming Soon as this text needs time. We have been working 6 years constantly to finally get the one and only HANS SÖLLNER to join our march. You can soon read the full thrilling story of how this ones in a lifetime concert got organized by David Rosse and the Team of ÖHV.


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Milestones 2016

  • Book Presentation with „Jugendrichter Müller“ at Thalia was a huge success
  • First time parade ended at famous „Heldenplatz“
  • Anthony B & Macka B. live at Hanf Wandertag!
  • More info on 2016 coming soon!


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Milestones 2017

  • Famous Austrian „Wickedsquad“ turned the end of the parade into a huge street rave with their famous cannabis related high class music releases.
  • HWT Theme 2017: „Back to the Roots“


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Milestones 2018

  • Due to financial struggles because of unreliable partners and the political changes in the country the team of ÖHV decided to cancel the Hanfwandertag for the first time in 10 years.
  • After 10 years and a dramatic shift of the political situation in this country it was time to sit back and rethink the entire event concept and improve the event to the various needs of the different stakeholders.
  • Over the past 10 years the Hanfwandertag has become as big as we would have never even dared to dream of and we are truly thankful for this and we are aware of the big social responsibility that comes with hosting such an important event. 
  • Therefore we took the necessary time to carefully evaluate our SAW (Strengths and weaknesses) and together with new Partner (Event Agency, Marketing Agency,) our dedicated team is motivated 


Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback. - Steven Adler

Hanf Wandertag 2019 | Sa, 04.05.2019 | Start: 12:00h

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